Our Partners

Our team has scoured the globe to find innovative WOW products for Canadians. We are constantly on the hunt for something that will help us all go a little bit faster, recovery a bit quicker, reduce our nagging, painful injuries, helps our tummies feel better during performance, reduce our impact on the environment, keep our gear cleaner/safer or simply make us happier and more comfortable while we are out doing what we love! How can we have a positive impact on the Canadian athlete? We hope you love our products as much as we do!


Altra running shoes utilize a Foot Shape toe box and cushioned Zero Drop platform to encourage healthy foot positioning and low-impact running technique.

The key to Bownet’s product design is the “bow” in the poles. This unique design allows us to create a net that while flexible, lightweight and portable is also durable enough to hold up to the pro’s.

The ICE20 Bag is a durable, removable, refillable, no-leak ice bag with a soft cotton exterior providing the most comfortable fit of any ice bag with no condensation.

No Errors
No Errors bags are designed by players FOR players! From practice to practice and game to game, our sports utility bags are built to withstand the rigorous needs of demanding players!

Sport Suds
The Sport Suds line of eco-friendly and people friendly cleaning products combines modern technology with some of the best minds available to create uncompromisingly high performance products.

Boom Nutrition
Carb Boom! Energy Gels® are made with real fruit and have a high ratio (11:1) of complex carbs (maltodextrin) to simple sugars, superior taste, and no added sugars, and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

CEP Compression
Regardless if you’re wearing CEP before, during or after exercise, our products are your perfect partner for maximizing performance and recovery.

Muscletrac’s specialized wheel design utilizes the Trac Technology to segmentally penetrate and stretch the muscle and fascia for fast and effective self myofascial release.

SouthBat is made of Guayaibi wood and is denser, stronger and more powerful than maple or ash, more flexible and durable than any other solid wood bat on the market.

Utilitee is the most unique and effective batting tee for baseball and softball ever created!